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Robert Hughes’ niece speaks: He’ll never hurt anyone ever again Now actor Robert Hughes is locked up for child sex abuse, his brave niece tells Woman’s Day she can finally start to rebuild her shattered life. William remembers Diana in first Australian speech Britain’s future king, Prince William, has remembered his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, during a speech at the Sydney Opera House. Furious Orlando declares 'I'm taking Flynn' Miranda’s odd look-at-me comments have cemented his UK vision for their son. William and Catherine dine with locals Never in their wildest dreams did volunteer fire fighters Sally Hatcher and her daughter, Bindi, think they would be having lunch in the presence of Britain’s future king and his queen. But as all fairytales go, anything is possible. Nicole Kidman's baby bump at 46!? Nicole Kidman's baby bump at 46!? The star’s wished-for baby looks like it could be a 2014 reality.

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Facebook reunion I think it is wonderful you found your natural mother. I too, found my natural mother and father who are still married and together... Annastasia, Brisbane HAVE YOUR SAY Oprah She needs to stop trying to draw attention to herself, so over her, for all the money she has she could have helped the Native American Indians. I watched her road trip with Gayle they visited the Indians, let's just say they had nothing and she did nothing for them... Livealittle, Melbourne HAVE YOUR SAY


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