31 days to an A-list body - Day 30

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Want to lose 10 kg in a month without starving – and still keep your choccy and chip treats? Here’s how!

If your list of New Year weight resolutions is longer than a kid’s letter to Santa...help is on its way. Woman’s Day has created diet plan specially for you – it’s easy to follow and full of realistic meal and “treat” options, to help you lose 10kg in less than four weeks without feeling cheated.

Follow our food plans for each day of January; choose breakfast lunches and dinners from our easy meal options; and check out our insider celebrity weight loss tricks.

It's specially prepared for Woman's Dayreaders, as part of our new year diet and exercise program Get an A-list body!

Saturday, January 30 - Sleep yourself thin!

“Not only does sleeping more mean there are less opportunities to eat, but research from the University of Pennysylvania now confirms that less than 6 hours sleep night is significantly linked to weight gain,” says Susie.

“Make sleep a priority, not an added bonus in life and remember sleeping before midnight means you are also more likely to wake at an early enough hour to have breakfast…with breakfast eaters also much more likely to be slim than non breakfast eaters.

Eating Plan day 30


Skim Latte and two slices thin raisin toast and one teaspoon light margarine

Morning Tea

One apple or orange


Two Mountain bread pizza with 50g lite ham, ½ cup light cheese and chopped tomato

Afternoon Tea

One Paddle Pop Moo


¼ homemade chicken pie with 100g chicken with one sheet reduced fat puffed pastry and 1 cup cooked vegetables


20g dark chocolate and one glass wine


Each day choose from any two of the following:

  • One tub of low fat yoghurt;
  • One small glass of wine;
  • Two mini muffins or lamington fingers;
  • One weis bar;
  • One slice of raisin toast;
  • Two Vita Weets and one slice of low fat cheese;
  • Two Ryvita with cottage cheese and tomato;
  • One small mango;
  • Small skim latte;
  • 10 almonds;
  • Paddle pop;
  • 20g packet of Red Rock Deli Chips;
  • 10-15 baked low fat frozen supermarket chips;
  • ½ slice of low fat banana bread.

Polite portions

How to quickly determine portion sizes for your meals...

  • 1 serve of rice or pasta = a fist
  • 1 piece of meat, fish or chicken = the size and width of a deck of cards
  • 1 serve of cheese = one slice, or 4 small cubes that could fit in a matchbox
  • 1 serve of butter = your fingertip


The meal plans plus two selections from the snacks add up to roughly 5800kj a day; compared to around 8,800 for an averaged sized Aussie woman’s daily intake.

Stay on track by following our 31 days to an A-list body diet and exercise program. Go to Woman's Day each day for daily meal plans and tips.

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