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An expert guide: The best Secret Santa gifts

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Choosing great Secret Santa gifts can be tricky - especially when buying for colleagues. Westfield shopping expert, Margaret Merten gives us her guide to the best workplace pressies.

Men can be so hard to buy for. What are the best secret Santa gifts for a male colleague?

Men are supposed to be the easiest to please but they are notoriously difficult to buy for! The good news is there are so many great gadget accessories on the market this year that you can play to his love of gizmos without having to break the bank. Try a phone cover that doubles as a wallet or a funky hands free accessory.

What's the best secret Santa gift for my boss?

The number one rule when purchasing for your boss is to play it safe. Gag gifts may be okay for the colleague who sits beside you but avoid crossing the line with your senior. When in doubt, chic stationery is a great option - I’m not saying raid the supplies cupboard but a nice 2013 diary or desk planner will make a perfect - yet professional - secret Santa gift.

What are the best low-cost gift ideas for women with young families?

‘Me time’ is a rare commodity for women with young families so she’ll love anything that will make this moment truly relaxing. Scented candles and bath products are great budget-friendly options or if you’ve got more cash to splash try a massage or facial voucher.

For an original, quirky secret Santa gift, what could I buy?

If the recipient is someone you can have a joke with, pick them up a great travel book or holiday planner and add a witty greeting referencing that they’re long overdue or have earned a great holiday away. If there’s one thing work colleagues share a love of world-wide, it’s well-deserved time off.

What are the best functional Secret Santa gifts?

Put the fun in functional by giving them something amusing for their desk. Who wouldn't love their own cookie or lolly jar? If they have a good sense of humour you could even go for a cute money box and refer to it as their "retirement fund".

What are the best gifts under $10?

This may come as a big surprise but you can pick up some great canvas artwork for under $10 - and no, I don't mean hand-painted by your own kids. Typo and other little gift stores have some great canvas wall hangings that are sure to lift their home or office space.

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