Boxing Day sales tips: How to bag yourself a bargain

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Start collecting your junk mail. Many retailers will price match, so if you know an item is being offered at a better price elsewhere - ask if they will beat it!

Don't snooze and lose this Boxing Day - beat the crowds and bag the best bargains in the sales with our expert guide. Westfield insider Alyce Cowell shares her top tips for success.

What are the best tips for bagging bargains in the Boxing Day sales?

  • Many of the Boxing Day sales begin before Christmas, so start taking a look around before the Boxing Day rush and making a note of what you’d like to buy. Having a shopping list will make things much less stressful on the day!

  • Get to the shops as early as possible to be one of the first to nab a great bargain.

  • Use the opportunity to purchase items you have been eyeing off for a while, or are a necessity. Start putting aside a small amount of money each week in the lead up - that way you are paying more with cash than credit.

  • If you’re not one for crowds, or can’t make it to your local centre on Boxing Day, you can still bag a bargain online at, where there will be thousands of savings across thousands of brands.

Which stores tend to offer the best discounts?
Traditionally, major department stores are known for their amazing Boxing Day sales with huge percentages on a huge range of items from clothing to electrical, but we’re also seeing increasing sales from some of our favourite boutique brands. is getting involved in the Boxing Day action again this year, so if you love online shopping you’ll be able to bag an amazing bargain there too.

What’s the best way to navigate the sales when short on time?
Boxing Day sales can be overwhelming, especially if we go shopping without a plan of attack. Spend a bit of time writing a list of items you'd like to look at and stores you plan on visiting.

You can download the Westfield App for iPhone and Android which will not only let you map out your centre route but also shows you the closest car park, groupon deals and special offers as well as offering a handy store finder .

Finally, if you plan on trying on lots of clothes and shoes (who isn't!?) make sure you wear something that’s quick and easy to take on and off, along with comfortable slip-on flats.

How can we avoid wasting money on things we don’t need?
Most importantly, make a list! Divide this list into your ‘needs’ (new work shoes) and ‘wants’ (new party shoes). Be sure to cross off the ‘needs’ first and if you have money left in your budget at the end, you can buy those items you really love!

Remember to think long-term - there may be items on sale that you don’t need now but will save you money in the long run - like Christmas decorations for next year, which are generally at prices too good to turn down!

When is it ok to haggle?
Most retailers discount their items with incredible savings so haggling is not always necessary, but sometimes deals can be made on whitegoods, electrical, display and "last of" items.

Start collecting the junk mail! Many retailers will price match, so if you know the item is being offered at a better price elsewhere - ask if they will beat it.

What's the best way to keep control of spending at the Boxing Day sales?
Everyone has a budget – determine what yours is and stick to it. Give yourself a certain amount of cash and leave the credit card at home if you have to.

Once again, it comes down to the 'Want versus Need' rule - buy everything you need first and use your left over budget on all the pretty things.

Any tips on best products to buy in Boxing Day sales, that we might not immediately think of?
Consider items you might not need now, but will need next year. Think about upcoming birthdays, weddings and anniversaries of loved ones, as well as timeless items you always need, like work attire and kids' school equipment.

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