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Monday, December 31, 2007

It's swimsuit season! Steal the stars' secrets on how to look great when you hit the beach.

Singer Ricki-Lee Coulter

Age: 22

Were you always confident with your body?
From a young age I've been quite mature in personality but also in body. I've always been really tall and quite athletic. In primary school I would tower over everyone else in my class. It helped me a lot in netball and I was great in athletics. I was quite muscular, I did netball, touch football and swimming. I did get called the "big girl" in school, not as in fat, but I was big. I was like a woman, not boney and lanky like other kids. I didn't have that many boyfriends through school because I was taller than all the boys. I could have let it upset me and I could have had low self esteem but I looked at it for all the good reasons rather than the bad ones.

Where did you get your confidence from?
My mum was a model and she went through a stage where she wouldn't eat. I remember her showing me the pictures and it really looked horrible. She would say, "I was sick then." When she was pregnant with me she didn't eat much either, people couldn't even tell she was pregnant. Growing up I got it drilled into me to be happy with who you are. I've always grown up knowing I've got my mum's butt and my family's curves. So what if you've got a bit of cellulite on your leg!

Being in the public eye are you sometimes hard on yourself?
I am healthy, I exercise, I try to eat good food. I go through bad phases like everyone. It's more about being healthy, not about what people think about you. I have people come up to me and ask me if I'm pregnant, I've had people say horrible things to me about my weight. And I think, "Where do they get off saying that?"

Is being healthy more important to you than it was in your teens?
You have to be healthy if you want to be running around the beach with your kids or go on snowboarding holidays and have all that fun. As you get older it does get harder, I've already noticed it and I'm only 22. I'm not the same as when I was 18. It is a lot harder to shake it, even if it's just 2kg.

Has your health ever been at risk?
No, I've been lucky. I've never picked up a cigarette. I don't drink that much, I don't go out that much. My pop died of a heart attack so I'd never smoke. I don't even like being around second hand smoke.

How does fashion make you feel fabulous?
For summer I try cute little dresses. I feel great in everything from jeans, a t-shirt and shorts or a dress. When I go out at night I love wearing cute shorts and high heels. Whatever it is, lots of colours and right now yellow and orange is great! It lifts your mood and makes you happy. A good bronzer, I use one from Sportsgirl, can make your legs look amazing. I always put some on before going on stage.

Are you excited about getting older?
Yeah! I'm loving learning more about myself as I'm getting older. I've done a lot of that lately. I've grown up a lot in the past 12 months from pressure that's on my shoulders, the responsibility I carry. I'm learning about who I am and why I'm like I am. Growing up you get defensive about who you are and now I listen to what people say and go, "yeah I am like that and that's okay". I'm excited about what's to come in the next few years. I'm looking forward to having babies in the next few years and I'm excited about what that's going to do to me. I love seeing pregnant women, they're so beautiful! It'll be an excuse for me to have a bit of a tummy. If I wasn't doing what I was doing I probably would be sitting back and having a family and I'll be excited when I get to do that. But the more stuff I've been doing in the past three years since Australian Idol I realise how much there is to life and I want to experience it as much as I can.

Fiona Falkiner — Jenny Craig Celebrity Ambassador

Age: 24

Did your life turn around once you started Jenny Craig in May?
I tried it out initially and it worked really well. It was a slower process than I was used to but it worked. I went in there with ideas that you had to be so strict and only eat fish, chicken and steamed veggies but I'm a country girl and I love my carbs. Jenny Craig's been awesome because it's normal food; there's pasta, lasagne, baked potatoes. It's about portion control with a calorie limit. When I went in there they were actually telling me I was training too much. Because I was doing so much of it I got anxious and the weight wasn't coming off. So I cut it right back and it started coming off again. Just a 45 minute walk a couple times a week and you're on your way.

How are you progressing on the program?
I don't know what I weigh. It was stressing me out too much. I go in to Jenny Craig and have a weigh-in, they make note of it and tell me if I've had a loss or gain and that's all I know. It's not about the number on the scale because I can put on or lose 4kg in two days depending on how much salt I've had or if it's that time of the month. For me it's more about how things fit and if I reach certain goals I reward myself with a new skirt or earrings. I'd like to lose more weight and I'm going to continue on the program and see what happens but if the weight doesn't come off I'm not going to get obsessed about it.

Are there any habits you're still trying to kick?
I haven't quit smoking completely but I do it a lot less than I used to. I'm tackling once vice at a time!

How do you feel on days you don't get around to putting on your sneakers?
I used to put myself through hell if I didn't train but through Jenny Craig I've learnt you don't have to train every day and don't worry too much about it. That's why I enjoy it so much more now because it's not forced. I have a partner who is really into training and we get up early to go to Bondi for a run. I'm working as a nanny at the moment so if I don't get time in the morning, I'll go for a run when I get home.

How are you handling the food temptations of the holiday season?
You can have a drink and have a bit of everything but just have small portions. You don't have to say no, that's what Jenny Craig is about.

Was it hard going about your day with so much attention on you after The Biggest Loser?
I've had people come up to me and look me up and down like I'm a horse and say, "Gee, you've put on some weight, why are you having a beer?" Then another was like, "The top half is alright but the bottom half, I don't know." People look at me every day and back then that's why I got depressed because I took it to heart. I don't know those people and my real friends know who I am and you just have to learn to love yourself. I'm who I am and other people can accept it or not.

How does fashion make you feel fabulous?
I wear a lot of dresses and skirts that are just above the knee to hide my thighs. I'm small around my waist so I choose things that come in at the waist and show a bit of cleavage because I've got a bit of that. I get the ladies out and I think that's alright if you're not flashing a lot of leg. I never used to show my arms but now I always do, it's far more comfortable.

Entertainer Patti Newton

Age: 62

Have you ever had issues with your weight?
Because I'm only five-foot-two (157cm) I've always been reasonably thin. It's only been since I had my children — two big babies on natural births — that there's been a little extra on the body. I was only seven-stone-three (45kg) when I got pregnant. I never got around to going to the gym after the kids were born but I've always been a very active person. I love to garden and get stuck in, not just smell the roses. That's good for you. When you're outside doing that you're not thinking of other things, you're relaxed too. Just get physical, even if it's riding a bike.

What are your biggest food temptations?
I love all the wrong things and too many carbohydrates. But I'm not a big diet fan. I still love my rice and pasta I just have half the amount. My father was a baker so since I was a little girl I've been a huge bread fan so if I need to lose a bit of weight I know I can just cut out bread. It's tough for me to give up!

You have great skin. What's your secret?
A lot of it is your genes. My mum had really good skin and I think Lauren has inherited that from me. I'm not bad for an old girl! It's not that I've looked after it, I don't use creams and things. I've used Ponds cold cream to take my makeup off for my whole life. Now they don't make it but I think Dove do it. Sometimes I think less is more. At this age you need creams on your face because your skin gets dry. Once you go through the menopause everything starts to get dryer. I went through menopause quite young, I started when I was in my 40s, so I say to Lauren to be careful not to leave having your babies when you're 40 because you might not be able to. I wanted another child and, at 40, it wasn't happening. A lot of my friends were having their first baby at 40 and I had mine earlier but I was lucky I didn't leave it until that age.

Do you take any natural supplements?
I'm a great believer in vitamins and fish oils. I take a multivitamin every day and flaxseed oil, fish oil and glucosamine. My mother had chronic arthritis at 30 and I will always worry that that will be me.

How do you use fashion to feel fabulous?
Because I've got a bit of a tummy and gravity is taking its toll, I like tight pants because I'm short. I wear a not too fitted jacket to cover the "doona" and I've got no shoulders so I add a little shoulder pad so they're wider than your bottom, it gives you a better shape. You have to work out what your problems are and do something about it.

You've been married 33 years. Do you have to work at being a happy couple?
I couldn't say we've never had a cross word but I think that's the good part about it. The reason our life together has been so good is because we've both got our own thing but we've also got a lot in common. We're not in one another's pockets all the time but we share common interests. We love to have something to look forward to. We've gone through a lot of ups and downs and this year has been a very big rollercoaster, up and down. That's what life's about. You have to learn to roll with the punches and this year Bert and I have done that. It's been positive for all of us. We've got a good family unit. We all pull together when we need to. I can't honestly say the love for your partner is the same as it used to be. It grows and moves. My love for the kids has grown and really all you want for them is happiness. That's another thing that keeps your marriage together, the same interest for your kids.

We love that you have such a great attitude about life!
On Dancing With The Stars my partner said that for a woman my age I was fearless. I loved doing lifts because it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'm around my daughter Lauren a lot and people who think young. We're doers rather than watchers. Because of that you have a younger attitude. Some people think I dress a bit too young or do my hair too young but I think everyone has to do what suits them. People even criticise me for smiling! But I'm a smiler and I always will be. I love life!

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Pictures: Rob Shaw / Text: Josephine Agostino / Fashion Styling: Melissa Cormack / Hair and Make-up: Deanne Dority

Ricki Lee Coulter wears: Ginja swimsuit / Diva earrings / Betts silver shoes

Fiona Falkiner wears: Lisa Ho bikini / Irene Berzelli sarong / Wittner silver heels

Patti Newton wears: Feraud @ Village Resortwear / short sarong - Baku / long printed sarong - Roidal @ Village Resortwear / own jewellery / Zu silver heels
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