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A Mother's Day to remember

Monday, May 5, 2008

Generations of mums come together to celebrate their very special day.

Bronwyn and Angela Bishop and Amelia Baikie

With the arrival last October of beautiful bub Amelia, Mother's Day is shaping up to be a very important day for Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop, 40, and her mum Bronwyn, 65, a Federal MP. 6-month-old Amelia will be christened on Mother's Day.

Do you worry about the world Amelia and other young people will be growing up in?
Bronwyn I do worry about the young. Yes I do. When you think about how the economy may go, I find that enormously worrying. When I hear the stories of violence by young people against young people, I find that enormously worrying. The best thing you can do for a child is bring them up with good standards and respect for other people.

There is always hope though?
Bronwyn I think there is always hope. A brand new little life like Amelia (kisses Amelia) fills me with hope that the future is going to be wonderful.

You're famous for your work ethic, Bronwyn. Was it difficult performing in public life as well as performing your role as a mum to Angela and Sally?
Bronwyn No I just did it. I think it turned out pretty well. I don't think Angela knew any different, did you?
Angela No, I didn't and you were still at the important events. I don't know how many eisteddfods you came to where you had to listen to 60 children recite the same poem. And I may have been number 41 out of those 60.
Bronwyn I remember the first one you did. It was The Birthday Cake.

Angela, you studied Political Science at university. Did you intend following your mum into politics?
Angela No, I always wanted to be a journalist. I simply thought you can't be a good journalist without understanding the political system. It was very good grounding to have. I played politics at uni, though. I was the first female chairman of the Students Union at UNSW, which was more than enough politics for one lifetime.

Is Mother's Day going to be an important day?
Bronwyn It's going to be very, very important this year. We're going to have Amelia christened on Mother's Day and I'm in the process of getting the christening robes ready because they are more than a hundred years old.
Angela I wore them, Sally (sister) wore them, Mum wore them, her brothers and sisters wore them.
Bronwyn My mother was christened in them, they were made for my aunt in England. They're quite beautiful with a long, hand made lace petticoat. It's going to be a magical Mother's Day.

Bronwyn you love opera and you, Angela...
Angela I can't stand it! I shouldn't say that. I cover it as part of my work and I appreciate the enormous talent of the performers. It's just not my cup of tea. Given a night off I'd be at Led Zeppelin before I'd be at La Traviata.
Bronwyn At least she knows La Traviata is an opera!
Angela Oh I know! I heard it and heard it growing up! It's something that Amelia will be spared. She's listening to plenty of classical music, though, as well as rock — she's listening to Tchaikovsky and she loves Peter And The Wolf.
Bronwyn And she's listening to her great-grandmother singing. My mother was a very talented opera singer.
Angela Yes and she also loves The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin.
Bronwyn Oh good!
(Bronwyn and Angela fall about laughing).

Do you have a particular fond mother-daughter memory?
Angela Mum came to my rescue on my first day at Channel Ten way back in 1989. I'd managed to be a passenger in a car accident two days before I was due to start and had three broken ribs and a twisted knee, and a team of doctors advising I stay home to get better. However I wasn't going to miss my first day, no matter what.
Bronwyn So, given driving was a bit tricky for her in that condition, I volunteered to drop off my injured, but determined, daughter.

Is communication and being open with each other an important key to your relationship?
(They both laugh)
Angela We always had to debate with Mum when we wanted to do something. Mum wouldn't cop the standard, "Because everyone else is allowed to." It wasn't a line we were going to get away with. You had to give thoroughly reasoned argument with a nice delivery, and that gave you half a chance of getting what you want. So we learnt to tone up that skill very quickly.
Bronwyn I remember complaining to one of my friends, saying, "When I say this is what we're going to do, the girls always give a reasonable argument back." The friend replied, "What did you expect? They're your daughters!"

For more of this interview, plus other celebrity mother-daughter interviews, see this week's Woman's Day (on sale May 5).

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