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Ronn Moss is marrying for real

Monday, March 30, 2009

By Gill Pringle

Pictures: Christopher Ameruoso

After six on-screen weddings, the Bold And The Beautiful star has popped the question for real.

As TV's Ridge Forrester, he's been down the aisle so many times he's worn a path in the carpet. But in real life, actor Ronn Moss hopes his second marriage will be for ever.

After his first marriage broke down seven years ago, the heartbroken actor shunned the dating scene, instead throwing himself into being the best father possible to his beautiful daughters Creason, 15, and Calee, 10.

So when he met former Playboy Playmate Devin Devasquez, 45, he took things slowly — the couple even split up for three months during their five-year courtship.

By sheer fate, the two had met briefly 23 years ago, although both were involved in other relationships at the time. Now reunited, Devin has taught Ronn, 57, to love again and today they talk exclusively to Woman's Day about their wedding plans.

When did you first meet?
Devin Devasquez: We met 23 years ago when we were doing a movie called Hot Child In The City. Coincidentally, this was the same movie where Ronn met Creason and Caelee's mom who was also in the film. I joke with the girls that I could have been their mom!
Ronn Moss: I only briefly remember meeting Devin.
DD: That hurts!

How about the second time?
DD: We were reintroduced five years ago when Lorenzo Lamas [former B&B actor] set us up. Lorenzo was actually trying to fix me up with Winsor Harmon, who plays Thorne Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful.
RM: It was very much a blind date because I didn't remember the first time we'd met. Lorenzo mentioned she was an ex-Playmate and I'd told him, 'Look, if she comes here with bouffant hair and the nails done and all the Playboy accoutrements... I'm out of here!' But he assured me she was real down-to-earth.

But Ronn, you must have had loads of women throwing themselves at you — why did you subject yourself to a blind date?
RM: Because I didn't have time. The job is really demanding. I didn't date for a long time, mainly because of my daughters. I'd become a single dad so I just had to take up the slack. There's a lot you have to do to take care of your kids on your own.

Tell us about your wedding.
DD: A friend of ours, who is an ordained minister, is marrying us. We are not religious per se, we're more spiritual.
RM: We're not doing a religious wedding.
DD: I've already given Ronn his wedding band — which he wears on a chain around his neck — so he will give me a wedding band and that will pretty much be it. We have a harpist for the ceremony and a DJ for the party and the beautiful Nadia Bjorlin from Days Of Our Lives will sing.

What's your favourite thing to do together?
DD: Ronn is very physical which is probably why his body looks the way it is. We go bike-riding, hiking and kayaking at the lake house where Ronn grew up as a kid. I love to cook and we watch movies in our own movie theatre with the fireplace going, or having friends over to barbecue.
RM: I did many similar things in my first marriage but this feels more like home, more than ever before.

And you recently moved to a new home out in the country?
DD: Yes, we moved to this area because Creason really loves horses and we wanted to give her her dream of having horses.
RM: I also wanted to get the hell out of Hollywood!

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