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Keith Urban: I should never have quit The Voice

Monday, October 29, 2012
Keith Urban: I should never have quit The Voice
Keith knew there’d be friction between the two women, but had no idea how vicious and threatening it would become.

The former Voice coach is wishing he’d stayed on home turf.

Keith Urban left the warm and fuzzy love-in of the The Voice and found himself caught in the crossfire between forever-feuding divas Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on American Idol. No doubt his new job has been a rude awakening for our laid-back country superstar, who got on famously with fellow The Voice judges Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden and Seal.

Forced to play peacemaker between Nicki and Mariah, whose screaming matches have shocked the entertainment world, the father of two is regretting his decision to quit his Aussie gig for the lucrative US TV show. “They don’t pay me enough to have to deal with this crap,” the National Enquirer quoted Keith as saying.

“Keith knew there’d be friction between the two women, but had no idea how vicious and threatening it would become,” a source also told the mag. “What makes him uncomfortable is the level the animosity has escalated to. And his wife, Nicole Kidman, is concerned as well.”

While Keith tries to put a positive spin on the fights, saying “I love working with passionate people”, it’s clear the strain is a not-so-welcome change of pace. “I was the UN,” he told celeb news website Extra of one angry on-set exchange between Nicki and Mariah (see video below). For Keith, it’s a world away from the happy family atmosphere on The Voice.

Read more about Keith's decision to leave The Voice in this week's Woman’s Day on sale Monday October 29, 2012.

Realted video: Nicki Minaj caught swearing at Mariah Carey.

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