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Modern Family Feud!

Monday, October 15, 2012
Modern Family Feud!
Julie makes fun of Sofia with insulting impressions on set while Sofia constantly snipes, even going so far as to call Julie’s post-baby body ‘disgusting.
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The claws are out between Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen, causing tension on the hit show.

It’s the hilarious sitcom that has viewers in fits. But we can reveal that behind the scenes on Modern Family, a vicious catfight has broken out between two fan favourites – and it’s no laughing matter. Sources have revealed to Woman’s Day that Julie Bowen, 42, who plays mum Claire Dunphy, is fighting a no-holds-barred war of words with her Latina co-star Sofia Vergara, 40, who plays Claire’s stepmum Gloria Pritchett.

In what appears to be a brutal clash of egos, our insider says what started as petty jealousy has escalated, and is threatening to tear the hit show apart as cast members take sides. “Things have become mega-bitchy between them,” a set source tells us exclusively. “They really hate each other now. It started when they dissed each other on TV a while ago, but things have gotten worse and worse since then.”

In October 2009, Sofia went on US talk show Chelsea Lately, hosted by Jennifer Aniston’s best pal Chelsea Handler. She accused Chelsea of being “jealous of my accent”, adding, “You’re like Julie Roland, the girl that works in my series.” Chelsea pointed out that Julie’s last name was Bowen, but Sofia simply waved it off. When Julie paid a visit to the same show a month later, she was asked how Sofia could forget her name despite them working together for almost a year.

Julie retorted, “I have never had the chance to fly Sofia [in a] private [jet] and give her jewellery, so my name has no resonance for her.” She also referred to Sofia, who was born in Colombia, as “Cholo Barbie” – “cholo” being a derogatory term for Hispanic. Their war of words has intensified behind the scenes. According to our source, Julie makes fun of Sofia with insulting “impressions on set while Sofia constantly snipes, even going so far as to call Julie’s post-baby body ‘disgusting’”.

Read more about the pair's feud in this week's Woman’s Day on sale Monday October 15, 2012.

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