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Why Orlando Bloom left

Monday, January 14, 2013
Why Orlando Bloom left
It’s very different to her Victoria’s Secret pictures because they’re defined shoots, but this blurs the lines.
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Hollywood hunk Orlando Bloom and Aussie super model Miranda Kerr got together in LA for their son’s birthday last week - then Orlando took off alone, doing nothing to dispel rumours their marri age is on the rocks.

For two years, they’ve been Hollywood’s poster family. A-list hunk Orlando Bloom marries wide-eyed Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr, resulting in the birth of their gorgeous son, Flynn, 2. But for the past few months, persistent whispers from their inner circle have hinted that Miranda and Orlando are on the rocks – and the whispers are growing louder by the day.

Those close to the couple tell Woman’s Day that despite the two falling so passionately in love when they met in 2007, they’ve sadly begun to grow apart, struggling to compromise their opposing views on everything from how to raise Flynn, to where they should live and how much of their life is in the public eye.

“Orlando’s getting much more introspective and private – last year he took down his Facebook account,” a friend of the couple, who has known them for years, tells Woman’s Day. In stark contrast, Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda, 29, has ramped up her social networking, even posting saucy snaps of herself and intimate pictures of Flynn’s birthday party on her Instagram photo-sharing page. “Orlando doesn’t like it. I don’t think he would be remotely happy with her sharing pictures of herself in sexy Santa costumes,” says our source.

“It’s very different to her Victoria’s Secret pictures because they’re defined shoots, but this blurs the lines.” However, if you ask Miranda, posting racy and private photos is all in the name of her career. “She feels she needs to do this to keep up her profile,” says our source. “He isn’t the kind of guy who’s going to put his foot down and forbid Miranda from doing anything, but he isn’t very happy about it.”

Read more about Miranda and Orlando's time apart in this week's Woman’s Day on sale Monday January 14, 2013.

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