Ange comes out of hiding, but why is she alone?
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Ange comes out of hiding, but why is she alone?

Just how one of the most famous people in the world could vanish for three months is anyone’s guess.

After no sign of Angelina Jolie since December 6 last year, the actress has finally re-emerged in a surprise appearance at The American Society of Cinematographers Awards.

Amid frenzied speculation that Ange had been shunning the limelight because she was in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number seven, insiders at the event were abuzz over the actress’s appearance.

“She looked pale, frail and gaunt in the face – in fact just like she did in the early stages of her pregnancies with Shiloh and the twins,” says an insider who was at the event. “Her cleverly draped grey dress kept her midriff concealed, but the dress did seem very full and thick around the waist. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Jolie-Pitts have a new member in the next six months or so.”

But while our well-placed onlooker was predicting the pitter-patter of tiny feet, cynical Hollywood types were quick to point out that Angelina was flying solo – and that the 37-year-old hasn’t been pictured alongside her famous fiance since June last year.

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