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The Spice girls: We're annoying, so what?

Monday, February 4, 2013
The Spice girls: We're annoying, so what?
People probably think we’re being b----es, but we’re just being honest and many people can’t handle that.
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Popularity has never been their strong point.

They’ve been called everything from “Spice Girls” to spoilt brats, but MKR’s Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila are used to not winning friends. “I said to Mum the other day, ‘My friends are coming over to watch TV,’ and she said, ‘What friends?’” Biswa, 23, reveals.

“We don’t have many friends,” Jessie, 25, agrees. “People probably think we’re being b----es, but we’re just being honest and many people can’t handle that… I probably am high maintenance.” The girls know their mile-a-minute chatter can put people off. “People might envy the fact we have the courage to say what we want…We are loud, we are opinionated and we are in your face.”

With a boyfriend of seven years and a wedding on the cards, Jessie is struggling to choose her bridal party. “I was thinking about who to have as my bridesmaids and I am having trouble choosing someone else besides Biswa,” she says. “I’m choosing one of my friends who is a boy!”Don’t expect them to change.

“One person has to be the bad guy – and if it’s us, let it be,” Jessie says. “We are fussy and know what we want. If it makes us princesses, then I guess we are princesses. Princesses know what they want and they get it.”

Read more about the spice girls and other MKR contestants in this week's Woman’s Day on sale Monday February 4, 2013.

Realted video: The Spice Girls get nasty.

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