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New fitness trend Pounds away fat! New fitness trend Pounds away fat! There’s a reason we all looked so good during our nightclubbing days and have probably never seen a fat drummer – the latest US fitness craze, Pound, has figured out the benefit of drumming and cardio ...

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Why a walking workout works wonders When it comes to being healthy, we tend to think of joining gyms, quick fixes or buying expensive fitness equipment. But there's one thing we tend to overlook…well, two actually. Our feet.
CrossFit Week 12: And the winner is… Only a few weeks into the full CrossFit swing of things and I find out about something ominously called Testing Week.
CrossFit Week 10: The squeaky wheel Everyone agrees the training has been going great but I still haven’t reached that magical point where my muscles start devouring my body fat while I sleep and I wake up skinny.
CrossFit Week 11: Testing Testing… Only a few weeks into the full CrossFit swing of things and I find out about something ominously called Testing Week.
CrossFit Week 9: Game On – A Super Hero in the making This week my dad emailed me a photo from the archives of me with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’m guessing this was me about age 6, just coming to terms with my destiny as a future ...
CrossFit Week 8: A program of love feels a lot like hate Not to sound like a broken record but it just keeps getting harder and harder. I think my partner is getting sick of hearing me describe my workouts as really, really hard...
CrossFit Week 7: The real work begins! Forget everything I’ve said about my training being difficult up to this point. I clearly had no idea. Pete was right… now we are really starting to work hard...
The CrossFit Challenge Weeks 5 & 6: Going it alone So it seems like everybody and their dog shuts down over the Christmas period including both of my gyms, one closed for two weeks the other on reduced hours making it impossible to make it there after ...
The CrossFit Challenge: Week 4 I should have known something was up when Dani busted out the Christmas music on our December 1st workout...
The CrossFit Challenge: Week 3 Week three and I'm still going strong. Every workout the weights go up a notch and miraculously I manage to lift them. Meanwhile the list of exercises I hate grows longer…
The CrossFit Challenge: Week 2 They say it takes a village to raise a child and I'm beginning to think it will be the same to give rise to my dream body...
Catherine Zeta-Jones reveals her secret to staying slim Catherine Zeta-Jones has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood but unlike many other stars, she doesn’t have a personal trainer or weight-loss coach.
The CrossFit Challenge: Week 1 Karen Birkemoe has taken on a 12-week CrossFit workout challenge to shed some unwanted kilos. Here she reveals the events of her first week.
All you need to know about new training trend CrossFit Are you sick of the same old gym routine that delivers the same results? New training trend Crossfit may be just what you need. Woman’s Day's Karen Birkemoe has taken on the challenge
Eating for a better workout Four nutrition tips to help you get more from your workout.
Top five exercise myths Think you know all the facts and fiction about getting fit? Exercise physiologist and nutritionist Caitlin Reid busts the most common exercise myths.
Your desk job is making you fat The simple act of sitting while you read this article is expanding your waistline, says accredited nutritionist and exercise physiologist Caitlin Reid.
Salma Hayek's slimming secrets She has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, so what's Salma Hayek's secret to maintaining a slim figure?
Too cold to exercise? Michelle Bridges shares her winter ... We're all feeling the winter chill, but is it making you run for the doona and heater instead of the gym? If so, you could be doing more damage than you think.
Michelle Lozanovski: I love my new body! A year after body-lift surgery, the series three favourite has her weight under control and her life back on track.
Symantha Perkins’ 12 week exercise challenge Personal Trainer Gary Smollen from Workout Indooroopilly shares a typical week in Symantha’s exercise routine.
10 easy ways to exercise when busy Are you one of those people who have no time to exercise? People with busy lifestyles, especially working moms, can have trouble finding time to fit regular exercise into their lives




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Who wore it best? Jennifer Hudson VS Kim Kardashian

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