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10 small ways to keep the spark alive Show your partner how much you care with these simple, romantic gestures from Sabrina Rogers-Anderson, author of A Fantastic Sex Life… and How to Get it!
Funniest family movies Fluff the sofa cushions and pop the popcorn – we have some serious laughs coming your way!
10 everyday wins to be thankful for Having a bad day? Turn it into an awesome one instantly, by appreciating the amazing things that happen to us every day. Now's the time to stop taking these small wins for granted, and start being ...
Four-year-old joins exclusive genius society A little boy with the same IQ as Albert Einstein is the youngest member of a group of the world's most brilliant people.
Do you remember the Feral Cheryl doll? She was the anti-Barbie doll, with the motto of 'live simply, run free' - and now she's back!
Dad’s hilarious answers on his child’s personality survey The Sydney dad whose day care survey answers become a viral hit speaks exclusively to Woman’s Day about how his humorous, light-hearted joke turned into a worldwide debate.
Pregnancy ‘risk zone’ earlier than previously thought The “risk zone” for women who delay having children until their thirties could be much earlier than previously thought.
Kids should spend no more than two hours a day online It may be a mission impossible, but doctors have warned parents to limit their children to just two hours of online activity per day.
Women are the breadwinners in modern-day families One in four Australian ‘dual-earner’ families now have a female as their major breadwinner a new report has found.
Natalie Portman: I didn’t think mothers worked! Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman has admitted she overlooked the most important and hardest role of her life – being a mother.
Alicia Silverstone asks mothers to donate breast milk Actress Alicia Silverstone is asking vegan mums to donate their breast milk to women who have trouble breastfeeding.
Mums hiring ‘photo coach’ to capture happy snaps of kids Any mum will tell you it’s hard to get a decent photograph of your toddler, but some mums are so determined to capture the moment they are spending up to $3000 on a personal “photo coach”.
Tough new vaccination laws introduced Children who have not been vaccinated will be banned from child care in NSW following the introduction of tough new laws this week.
Post-baby girdle use on the rise New mums are embracing a different approach when it comes to getting their pre-baby bodies back — wearing an old-fashioned girdle.
Children as young as four attending 'preschool proms' For years the school formal or prom has been a rite of passage and the highlight in a teenager’s school life, but now children as young as four are engaging in the same tradition, with no expense ...
How having a baby helps your social life Many women say they feel isolated and lonely following the birth of their first child, but a new study has revealed that a baby actually improves your social life.
Dental experts call for tooth decay warnings on soft drinks Australian dental experts are calling for soft drinks to carry warning labels about tooth decay.
Study says bullies need just as much support as victims Health professionals have warned that children labelled as bullies should receive the same emotional and psychological support as those who are bullied.
Is daycare making your kids overweight? A recent study has found that leaving children at nurseries between the ages of one and four may encourage obesity, with school children 50 per cent more likely to be overweight than those who stayed ...
Trampolines too dangerous to use, health experts say US health experts are calling for a ban on backyard trampolines because they are too dangerous and cause an excessive number of injuries.
VIDEO: Identical twins head bop to dad's music There are a lot of cute baby videos that go viral, but if you’re after a real heart-melting moment, you can’t miss this one.
Brave bully victim: How he fought back Schoolboy Dylan Raven is on a mission to stop the menace plaguing our kids.

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Beyonce and Jay Z's $180k wedding gift for Kimye! Jay Z and Beyoncé may not be attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lavish wedding in France next month, but they’re definitely making up for it! Nicole and Keith's marriage in crisis Their seemingly blissful union is crumbling under the strain of competing work and family needs. Drew Barrymore welcomes second child! Drew Barrymore has added to her adorable family by welcoming her second child, a daughter. Robert Hughes’ niece speaks: He’ll never hurt anyone ever again Now actor Robert Hughes is locked up for child sex abuse, his brave niece tells Woman’s Day she can finally start to rebuild her shattered life. Demi Moore plans trip to India for Ashton-Mila wedding It seems Demi Moore isn’t sticking around for when her former husband marries his new and much younger flame.
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