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I sold my engagement ring to pay my secret debt
True confessions

I sold my engagement ring to pay my secret debt


My husband Eric is amazing. He is very organised, healthy, thoughtful, sensible with money and very handsome. He ticks all the boxes.

We met through a dating site and clicked on the very first date. I have a good job and also earn good money, but at the beginning of our relationship I was not very sensible with my money and overspent regularly.

When I was single I didn't care as I only had myself to consider, but when I met Eric, I became ashamed of my spending habits and my ever mounting credit card debt. Worried I would lose him, I decided to keep my huge credit card debt a secret, but I did decide to change my habits.

I consolidated my credit cards into a personal loan and chopped them up, and started using debit cards instead. It was difficult to cut down my spending at first, but I soon found it to be a fun challenge. Once I stopped spending and thought about just how much money I wasted each week on lunches, coffees and gossip magazines alone, I was horrified!

I felt very proud of myself, and for the first time in many years I was starting to save money. Things were going well with Eric and we decided to open a joint account to save for a house. With Eric as my motivator, there simply was no option to withdraw money or skip instalments. It felt great.

As we were rapidly coming close to approaching a bank regarding a loan I knew my secret would soon be out. There was no way I could pay off my large personal loan in time without Eric finding out.

I began to panic and would wake up at night, wondering for hours on end what I was going to do. I knew Eric would have been disgusted in me for lying to him for so long and that he would end our relationship. I just couldn't risk losing him.

After weeks of thinking I finally worked up the courage to come clean. We were at home sharing a lovely dinner discussing our plans to buy a house when Eric surprised me and proposed. He popped the question with a beautiful BIG diamond ring.

I was shocked and of course said yes, but in the back of my mind, panic was rising in me as I remembered what I was about to confess.

The next week as I gazed at my beautiful ring, I formed a plan. After work I raced into a shop that specialised in good quality, but fake jewellery and I had my ring replicated. I sold my beautiful, expensive ring and started wearing the fake one instead. Eric never noticed the difference.

With the money I got from the sale of my real engagement ring plus some money that I borrowed from my brother, I was able to pay off my loan and Eric has never found out.

We have been married for four years now and I still get regular compliments on my beautiful, but fake, diamond ring. I hate what I did and feel so guilty, but I know it was for the best. I also know I will never allow myself to get into credit card debt ever again.

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