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Fork it: the latest diet craze
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Fork it: the latest diet craze


We've heard of the Dukin diet thanks to Kate Middleton and the Five Hands diet thanks to Victoria Beckham, but what is the latest diet craze? It's the Fork It diet.

The basis of this new diet involves no spoons, knives or fingers after 6pm, so you can only eat dinner using a fork, meaning burgers and pizza are out limiting you to foods only eaten with a fork.

The TODAY nutritionist, Joanna McMillan, says the diet aims to encourage people to eat less at dinner.

"What they are actually trying to get at is the first aspect of the diet is that you eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor person," she said.

The theory is that you are burning off more energy during the day when you are eating more and less at night when you are eating less.

Diabetologist doctor Philippe Passa, who is listed as one of the medical experts on the Fork It website, said: "It is about learning to eat in a healthier and more balanced way, while reducing the familial and social constraints that often accompany dieting."

However, Joanna said that although the diet is encouraging people to eat white meat and fish for dinner with salad or vegetables, there is a definite flaw in the theory.

"The only flaw in that theory is that when we eat it takes several hours to digest and for the energy to be able to use. And from a practical perspective, we don't have time to eat a great deal in the morning," she said.

Have you tried the Fork It diet? What other diets have you tried?

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