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Top five kilojoule-blasters
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Top five kilojoule-blasters


  1. Swap cheddar cheese for fetta.
    Fetta has fewer kilojoules and less fat per serving than cheddar cheese and it tastes just as good on a pizza.
    1. Swap orange juice for tomato juice.
      Tomato juice is better for weight loss as it contains less than half the kilojoules of orange juice and has a lower GI.
    2. Swap flat breads for lettuce wraps.
      If you're cutting back on bread, try crisp lettuce wraps instead. Sang choy bow is a great alternative to those burritos!
  1. Swap a sandwich for some sushi.
    Sushi is much lower in kilojoules and fat than your average cheese-and-tomato sanger. Go for salmon, for an omega-3 hit.
  2. Swap roasted peanuts for pumpkin seeds.
    Snack on seeds for a lower-kilojoule nutrient boost.

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