Samantha Harris preparing for Indigenous Fashion Week Samantha Harris is wearing spectacular designs ahead of Australian Indigenous Fashion Week’s inaugural runway show.


11 sneaky tricks to drop a decade Looking to beat the signs of ageing? Give these 11 sneaky beauty tips a try!


Duchess Kate and guest wear the same outfit to wedding It was an awkward scene at a wedding in Gloucestershire this weekend when two guests turned up wearing the same outfit, and one of them was the Duchess of Cambridge.


Celebrating 50 years of Elle Macpherson! Elle Macpherson, catapulted onto the world stage almost three decades ago and, turning 50 years old tomorrow, she still looks amazing.

Hair trends

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We go back in time to trace Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle evolution - from Friends-era girl next door to hippy chic and beachy blonde. Read more

Ageless beauty

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Do you want to know how to look great, all the time, at any age, any time? Follow these fail-safe age-defying tips and tricks to always looking your best. Read more
Who wore it best? Jennifer Hudson VS Kim Kardashian


William to Kate: 'You look like a banana' I think they are a wonderful couple the first breath of fresh air for the royals since Princess Diana, I will wish them both a long & happy life together. Jeanette Dawson 2 Comments Post comment View comments

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Nicole and Keith's marriage in crisis Their seemingly blissful union is crumbling under the strain of competing work and family needs. Demi Moore plans trip to India for Ashton-Mila wedding It seems Demi Moore isn’t sticking around for when her former husband marries his new and much younger flame. Drew Barrymore welcomes second child! Drew Barrymore has added to her adorable family by welcoming her second child, a daughter. Robert Hughes’ niece speaks: He’ll never hurt anyone ever again Now actor Robert Hughes is locked up for child sex abuse, his brave niece tells Woman’s Day she can finally start to rebuild her shattered life. Furious Orlando declares 'I'm taking Flynn' Miranda’s odd look-at-me comments have cemented his UK vision for their son.


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