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Feel good this Christmas article Feel good this Christmas One of the best things about Christmas is the mountains of gorgeous food that abound. But it's easy to over-indulge and suffer the consequences. So we asked an expert for some tips to help us eat well and minimise the damage. Beat comfort eating article Beat comfort eating Don't use emotional problems as an excuse to let your healthy eating habits slide.

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article The joy of soy Delta loves soy milk, Posh snacks on soya beans- so what are the benefits? topics:   diet features A girl with an eating disorder article How dieting gave me an eating disorder In my teens, I was slightly overweight, so my mother offered to send me to a well-known weight loss centre in an attempt to lose approximately 5-10kg. topics:   diet features article The return of the family dinner There's no doubt the current global financial crisis has been tough – but it's also proved to have a silver lining for families. One in six families report spending more time together as a result of the downturn. And when it comes to the dinner table, more time together is good news for your health. According to several studies conducted by two leading US universities, families who eat together are far less likely to be plagued by eating disorders, drug use, smoking, and alcohol abuse. Australians are returning to the table with gusto. Much has been made of the MasterChef effect, with the hit show reportedly inspiring many Aussies – especially kids – to get into the kitchen. The proof is at the supermarket checkout. Despite the general downturn, grocery sales are up and retailers reckon they know why. "What we have seen in the last three-quarters to a year has been that generally there's been a upsurge in cooking at home by the relative sales of food and food ingredients and cooking ingredients," says Woolworths CEO Michael Luscombe. Clearly eating-in equals good news for the hip pocket but it's also a bonanza for your health. "The first benefit is you can control every ingredient that goes into your food," says accredited practising dietitian Kate Di Prima. This means more vegetables and less sugar and fat, as well the ability to control portion size. But the benefits of meals in the home extend far beyond good nutrition. "Dinner as a family at the table can be a forum for discussing the day. Around the table you can talk about what’s happened – you can start actual conversations," Di Prima says. It also presents parents with the opportunity to lead by example, to model good table manners and to educate about healthy eating. Di Prima is thrilled about the return to home cooking. "The message is getting through that eating at home is healthier, cheaper and more family friendly. Shows like MasterChef are getting people excited about cooking from fresh ingredients, not just from bottles or jars or sachets," she enthuses. Your say: Are you eating at home more because of the GFC? Or has MasterChef inspired you to get back in the kitchen? topics:   diet features article Adro — New baby, new body The Biggest Loser has double the joy, with a new son and a great new body. Snuggled against his daddy's bare chest, little Eden Sarnelli sleeps soundly, blissfully unaware... topics:   diet features Natasha Burns article 'I lost 30kg for my 30th birthday!' Natasha had a big milestone heading her way, and big plans to celebrate it in style. Melbourne mum Natasha Burns knew she had about 30kg to lose. She also knew her 30th birthday wa... topics:   diet features article Low-fat festive food ideas There are many options when it comes to healthy meals at this time of year — it's all about taking the time to plan properly. And it doesn't mean losing out on taste, either — you just hav... topics:   diet features article Cellulite secrets Five tips to shifting that orange-peel look — fast!
  1. Get glugging Start each day with a cup of hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Replace... topics:   diet features article Get a flat tummy fast! A toned and taut Kirstie Alley reveals how you too can look amazing in a cossie. Kirstie worked hard to get into shape for her bikini debut on Oprah. She went hiking every... topics:   diet features Diet Club article I lost 30kg in six months! My name is Wendy, I'm 36 years old and have three boys aged 13, 15 and 18. I have been trying to lose weight all my life, but until recently I'd never been successful. I think I'd tried... topics:   diet features article Celebrity workouts: Pilates Looking for a great summer workout? Here's how the stars keep their famous figures ready for the red carpet. PILATES Who does it? Paris Hilton and Rebecc... topics:   diet features article Healthy eating starts at home We chat to Allison Kelly, dietitian for the new Network Ten series Honey We're Killing The Kids, about obesity epidemic and keep your children healthy and fit. Do you think... topics:   diet features article Diet myths exposed Always choose the low-fat option: Sure, we should go for low-fat options when possible, but remember — your weight is determined by how many kilojoules you eat. Low-fat options can lure you into eating too much, or they've been pumped full of sugar to compensate for the fat that has been taken out. And that means, yes, more kilojoules! topics:   diet features Nicole Gully article Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year 'I'm half my size!' Meet Nicole Gully, the Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year who lost an incredible 68kg! topics:   diet features article Celebrity diet secrets We all have one food we can't resist, but is that food derailing your diet? These stars kicked their vices and proved that saying no can be the recipe for success. Jessica Simpson Skipped sweet treats. What she gave up: Jessica, 26, maintains her amazing body by saying no to creamy desserts like strawberry shortcake. topics:   diet features article Winter fat blaster Burn that blubber away with 'The Healthy Chef', Teresa Cutter, author of 80/20 Diet: 12 Weeks To A Better Body. Seven day fat-buster plan Monday and... topics:   diet features article Slimmer of the year Together they lost 267kg ... meet the state finalists in Weight Watchers' 2006 Slimmer of the Year contest.. Stella Age: 37 Before: 129kg Now:... topics:   diet features Kelly Osbourne article What's your body type? Eating and exercising to suit your personal body type may be the secret to maintaining weight and boosting your overall health. If you've battled the bulge, the chances are... topics:   diet features Diet Club article Amazing slimmers: Jodie Jodie's vital stats Weight before: 92kg Weight after: 69kg Weight lost: 23kg Clothes size before: 16 Clothes size after: 12 Jodie had six very good reasons fo... topics:   diet features article Sophie tells: 'How I lost my baby weight' Shedding those extra kilos after giving birth will be easier with Sophie Falkiner's proven tips. When Sophie Falkiner gave birth to her lovely daughter Isabella, the weight... topics:   diet features article Winter diet wonder There's no excuse for porking up. Stay slim with these hot tips With the weather cooling down, it's easy to reach for comfort foods such as creamy pastas and stodgy roasts.... topics:   diet features
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