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I drugged my twin sister

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My twin sister and I were always very close. We lived together, worked together and hung out together. We had occasional moments of sibling rivalry, but we never let it get in the way of our relationship.

Sally was known as the outgoing twin and I was known as the quiet twin. It didn't bother me how people perceived us — until Thomas entered the picture.

Thomas was the new guy at work. He was funny, gorgeous, and a genuine gentleman. Sally was also attracted to Thomas but I didn't think anything of it at first. Then one afternoon she mentioned that she was thinking of asking Thomas out for coffee.

I already felt defeated. Sally was so outspoken that I knew that she'd be first in line. I tried to convince her that Thomas was a bit of a ladies' man, telling her that other girls had been talking about him. But to no avail.

Suddenly, I had an idea. Sally and I were having a housewarming party that weekend and I suggested that Sally invite Thomas along. That way, the two of them wouldn't have the chance to be alone.

The weekend came and I made sure that I was looking my best. Thomas arrived and he took my breath away. He was gorgeous. I showed him around and did the occasional flirtatious giggling and touching.

All was going well until Sally greeted Thomas. She was a hundred times more vivacious than me. Thomas looked star-struck. And she looked stunning, so that didn't help my plan. Once again, I was devastated.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to regroup. Then I had a wicked idea. I rummaged through the vanity cupboard and found some sedative pills that had been prescribed to me.

As I walked back into the living room, spotting Thomas and how terrific he looked, any reservations I had went out the window. I grabbed a glass and filled it with Sally's favourite wine. Then I crushed two pills and stirred them in.

I handed Sally the glass and she took a large gulp as she was already tipsy. Then, slowly but surely, Sally started to look very drowsy. She commented on how tired she was feeling and I suggested she take a quick lie down before we all went out to a club. I led Sally to the bedroom and told her I'd wake her when we were about to leave. 20 minutes later, I checked on her — she was sleeping like a baby.

I pounced on my chance and started a conversation with Thomas. By now, I'd had quite a few glasses of wine and was feeling more confident. I wasn't taking any chances and wasn't interested in being subtle. I was all over Thomas. After a couple of drinks he also loosened up.

Finally, I made my move and, much to my delight, Thomas and I were making out in my living room. I can't really remember what his kiss was like. All I cared about was that he was kissing me — not Sally.

The next day, Sally awoke with a nasty hangover. She had no idea what had happened to her and I explained that she must've had too many wines and maybe was coming down with something.

When she asked about Thomas, she knew something was wrong by the tone of my voice. So I explained that we'd both had too many wines, one thing led to another and then we ended up making out at the party.

Sally was upset with me, saying that I knew she liked him. I apologised and played the innocent sister. I said that I never meant it to happen and that I'd developed feelings for him too. Sally didn't stay upset with me long because she knew that I would never do anything to hurt her — normally.

The next day, I saw Thomas at work. He told me that he never intended to take advantage of me and, in fact, felt really bad because he'd always been interested in Sally. My heart fell on the floor. I tried so hard not to look crestfallen but I failed. He apologised and I assured him that it was a mistake on my part also.

Sally never got together with Thomas because she knew I had feelings for him — sisters before guys. I feel so ashamed of what I did. No one should conjure up hideous plans to win a guy over, especially when family is involved.

I haven't told anyone what I did. I know if I do, I would lose my sister's friendship forever. But I will never do anything to jeopardise by bond with Sally again.

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